12 Party Cannon Poppers


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Our pack of 12 Party Cannon Poppers are easy, fun and safe to use both indoor and outdoor. These Party Cannons will create a spectacular cascade of amazing colour at any party, wedding or stage show.

Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use:
- For best results when using indoors ensure that you have sufficient height clearance of at least 2.5 meters.
- These Party Poppers ejects colourful tissue shapes into the air creating a confetti shower that flutters gently to the ground. 
- Flame retardant.

- This item operates with a compressed air cartridge which can produce a loud noise when fired.
- Do not use close to ear.
- Missuse may cause damage to hearing.

- Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years old. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
- Do not dispose of this product on a fire even after use.
- Do not open or pierce tube.

Instructions For Use:
Carefully remove plastic film and end cap before use.
- Hold firmly in both hands.
- Keep upright and do not aim directly at other people.
- Do not place any part of the body over the end of the cannon when firing.
- Keep well away from animals or pets.
- Rotate the base of the unit anti-clockwise as indicated by the arrows.

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