Authentic Plague Doctor Mask


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This terrifying Authentic Plague Doctor Mask is ideal for anyone looking to dress as a 17Th century Plague Doctor! Featuring a White and Black mask with a long beak design and is held in place with a black satin ribbon.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 1 Authentic Plague Doctor Mask.

- One Size.

In the 17Th and 18Th centuries the plague doctors invented masks to protect themselves from bad air and prevent contagion. These masks have lenses on the eyes and a long cavity in the nose, which was filled with drugs and aromatic items. This cavity measuring about half foot in length, had 2 small vent holes, and its shape was very similar to beaks of birds. At the beak were used substances such as ambergris, mint leaves, storax, myrrh, laudanum, rose petals, camphor, cloves and straw.

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