How To Throw The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

How To Throw The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter 2022 is just around the corner and with Spring time in full flow, why not throw your very own Easter Egg Hunt! Easter Egg hunts have been a staple of Easter tradition and rightfully so, as it keeps kids entertained for hours on end. While there are organised Egg Hunts happening all over Ireland, we think it's a lot more fun when you host your own Easter Egg Hunt. 

So let's have a look at the essentials that you need for the Egg hunt!

1. Easter Egg Baskets:

Arguably the most essential  easter egg hunt accessories are the Easter Egg Hunt Baskets. each child will need a basket to collect their eggs in so they can count exactly how many they've found. The baskets used are typically made of a wicker material so they are light for kids to carry. Our Multi Colour Baskets are ideal as they are a light wicker material and they come in assorted colourful designs that the kids are sure to love!  

If you're looking for more traditional baskets then  Natural Wicker Baskets are the way to go! These come in a light brown or dark brown and one fun idea with these baskets if that you could get the children to paint the baskets in whatever colour they would like. 

2. Easter Eggs:

Of course it wouldn't be much of an Easter Egg Hunt without the eggs now would it! You will need something for the kids to collect and put in their baskets, Foam Eggs are ideal for Easter Egg hunts as it allows for some arts & crafts to be done beforehand. We suggest buying the foam eggs and allowing the kids to colour them before the hunt, this way you can have a Coloured Easter Egg hunt. You can assign each child a colour that they must find, this is particularly helpful when having a hunt with different ages as it allows the younger ones to find just as many eggs as the older ones. 

Another idea is our Plastic Easter Eggs which come in different colours but these eggs are hollow and can be opened meaning you can place little prizes within the eggs. This is a great way to add some excitement to the hunt as there are prizes on the line. We also have a range of personalised Easter Chocolates & Sweets that you could use in the hunt as either prizes or as the items you must find and collect.

3. Cute Easter Decorations:

Whether you're throwing Easter Egg Hunt out your back garden or inside the home make sure you get some Cute Bunny decorations to scatter around and add some Easter cheer to the area. Our Yellow Fluffy Easter Chick is a best seller and your kids are sure to love seeing these cute little chicks around the house while searching for their eggs.To also add some Easter vibes be sure to take a look at our Easter Egg Wreath that will look perfect hanging anywhere in the house. You might underestimate how crucial creating an Easter atmosphere may be, but trust us your kids will appreciate that extra effort put into making this Egg hunt so special!

4.Easter Party Supplies:

It wouldn't be much of an Easter Egg Hunt without throwing an Easter themed party either before or after the egg hunt. We have a broad range of Easter Party Supplies so you can get all your party essentials in one place. As Easter is a time to enjoy chocolate and treats then make sure you have an Easter Bunny Head Tray to serve up your sweet treats to the kids. Kids will always look forward to a party no matter what the occasion so why not make the most of it.

5. Easter Costumes:

If you've followed all the above essential tips then why not go the extra mile and bring the Easter Bunny himself to help with the Egg hunt. Our Country Rabbit Costume contains a bunny overhead mask and classic overalls. The kids will love nothing more than the Easter Bunny joining them to help find the beloved eggs and join them after to enjoy some sweet treats. If your Easter Egg Hunt is a large community even then a costume is a great idea as parents and kids can get memorable photos with the Bunny. 

We also have Baby Rabbit Costumes available in pink or blue, so if you want to get your toddler into the Easter Holiday spirit. 

We hope that the tips above assist you in organising the perfect Easter Egg Hunt for the kids to enjoy! 

23rd Mar 2022 PartyWorld

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