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At last it has arrived, the very popular Bridal Shower Party Game “What’s in Your Purse”. How many guests will have a rock in their purse or a change of underwear!? A very simple and funny game, this version gives you a ton more items for your guests to find in their purse and get points on. The games comes with 24 game sheets that list common and not so common items found in purses including items such as keys, gum and a screwdriver.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 24 Bridal Shower Game Sheets.

How The Game Is Played:
Each bridal shower guest is given a game sheet and then have them go through their purses to see if they can match anything on the list. Guests are awarded points for items on the list that they have in their purse.
For fun at the end call out each item on the list and see who at the party has craziest items, the person with the most points wins.

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