Bride To Be Secrets Revealed


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If you are looking to get the party started and to entertain the whole group then this bride to be secrets revealed game is just what you need.

How well do you know the Bride to Be? With categories such as Her past, Sex life, The happy couple, The wedding, and Her favourite you're sure to unearth something scandalous. With the chief bridesmaid asking the burning questions, who knows what embarrassing secrets might come to light?

Bride To Be Secrets Revealed Game Contains:
- 5 Trivia Cards.
- 12 Score Cards.

How To Play:
Chef Bridesmaid asks questions from the 5 different categories. The hen write their answers on the score cards. After all the questions have been answered the Bride to Be is out on the spot. She now has to reveal the answers. The Hens total up the points on the score cards, the Hen with the highest score wins!

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