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Our Climbing Dead Decoration Black will make a dramatic effect to your Haunted House.The climbing Dead Decoration features the image of a determined zombie scaling the side of your house. Bring these cursed flesh eaters to your Halloween party with this poseable hanging decoration. 

This corpse features a black and red tattered tunic, black trousers, a head of grey hair and exposed skeleton feet and hands.
Simply hang these zombie decorations from your windows to create the effect fo them trying to climb through. 

Quantity Per Pack:
-1 Climbing Dead Decoration.

- 5 Feet Tall.

While some dead may walk, this Climbing Dead Skeleton prefers scaling walls. Whether it's climbing up your porch trying to get inside or already on your living room wall, your guests are guaranteed to be afraid!Halloween is about horror and fear, and our collection of gory Halloween Decorations are designed with these elements in mind. 
A Halloween Party is a time to be imaginative and to show your flair for design. 

Instructions For Use:
-1 lay the figure flat on the floor and straighten the entire body, arms and legs.
-2 There are hooks attached to each hand, select where you like to decorate and hang the figure by both one or both of the hooks.
-3 There is soft foam in the arms and legs at teh location of the elbows and knees. To provide a realistic pose gently bend the arms and legs at the location of the foam to stimulate the elbow and knee bending. 

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