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Lead the Avengers on their most daunting mission yet in our Deluxe Captain America Costume! As Captain America, stand up for the old-fashiond values you hold dear and see if the Super Soldier Serum running through your veins is enough to overpower the enemy.

Deluxe Captain America Costume Contains:
- A lightly padded blue jumpsuit that is printed to look like Steven Rogers classic patriotic disguise.
- A blue fabric half mask.
- A Captain America Shield.

Size Available:
Large - Age 7 to 8 Years Old.
Medium - Age 5 to 6 Years Old.
Small - Age 3 to 4 Years Old.

Captain America has mastered the martial arts of American style boxing and judo and has combined these disciplines with his own unique hand to hand style of combat. He has also shown skill and knowledge of a number of other martial arts. He engages in a daily ergimen of rigorous exercise to keep himself in peak condition. Captain America is one of the finest human combatants Earth has ever known.

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