DIY Dinosaur Magnets


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Make your very own dinosaur fridge magnets with this all new DIY Dinosaur Magnet set. This set creates hours of fun and comes complete with a chisel, 2 bags of plaster, 1 set of moulds, a mixing cup, 6 magnets, 6 paints, a paintbrush and a set of instructions. Choose from a triceratops, stegosaurus or even the famous T Rex. They'll make for great gifts for friends and family!

DIY Dinosaur Magnet Set Contains:
- 1 Chisel.
- 2 Bags of Plaster.
- 1 Set Of Moulds.
- 1 Mixing Cup.
- 6 Magnets.
- 6 Paints.
- 1 Paintbrush.
- 1 Set of Instructions.

Please Note: Suitable for kids age 6 years and over.

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