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Tangled star Rapunzel spent her days gazing out of her tall tower, brushing her endless magical locks of golden hair.
Yours may not be 70 feet long, but you can be like her in lots of other ways, and even meet your very own Flynn when you wear our Fairytale Rapunzel Costume.

Fairytale Rapunzel Costume Contains:
- A beautiful satin effect dress. The dress features a lavender shade of purple with silver detailing on the front and has a Rapunzel printed motif on the chest.
This Rapunzel Costume is sure to make your little girl the prettiest princess in the room.

Size Available:
Large - Age 7 - 8 Years Old.
Medium - Age 5 - 6 Years Old.
Small - Age 3 - 4 Years Old.

Rapunzel begins as the story of a queen who became ill while pregnant with the princess. A woman named Gothel prossessed a healing flower that cured the queen who then gave birth to the princess she named Rapunzel. The power from the flower gave Rapunzel magical hair that had the power to heal as long as it was never cut. Gothel kidnapped the infant and put her in a high tower with no way out. Rapunzel's life is lonely and dull until she meets the outlaw Flynn Rider. Rapunzel's adventures begins from there and the truth of her destiny is revealed.

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