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Looking to Buy Costumes well why not try Kermit's best friend and a tried and true Muppet cast member, Fozzy Bear. Fozzy loves to make funny jokes and have a good time! A bear in his natural habitat a Studebaker! Wocka Wocka. Bring Jim Henson's good natured friend loving bad joke telling Muppet Fozzy Bear to life wearing our Officially Licensed Fozzy Bear Costume. This Bear Costume is truly unforgettable and unbearly cute.

Fozzy Bear Costume Contains:
- A Fozzy Bear long sleeved furry orange top which has attached hands and a pink satin bow-tie.
- A pair of orange trousers.
- A furry headpiece which features the cute little face of Fozzy Bear.

Size Available:
Standard - Chest Size 38 - 42".
Extra Large - Chest Size 42 - 46".

Only in the magical Muppet world created by Jim Henson could a frog and a pig fall in love..... but that's why kids and the young at heart continue to enjoy the zany adventures of Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Fozzy Bear. When it comes to Bear Costumes they don't get much cuter then Fozzie. Fozzie is the Muppet Shows resident comedian. Big and sweet natured, Fozzy is so pure of heart that you can always find a smile for him. A true friend to Kermit the Frog, Fozzy attempts to lighten everyone's life with his simple jokes. His Jokes are always so bad that you kind of feel sorry for him, he's trying so hard.

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