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Team spirit lasts long beyond the grave in this Halloween Cheerleader Costume. This Cheerleader Costume is for anyone who wants to give three cheers for the zombies. This Zombie Cheerleader is in search for some brains. Not because she's ditsy but because she wants to eat them.

Halloween Cheerleader Costume Contains:
- A Cheerleader black, re and white cheer dress that is splattered with blood. The dress has tattered hemlines and has a faux latex rib bone attached to the dress for added gore.
- A pair of black and red pom poms. Be sure to add our blood stained thigh high stockings and a slash throat scare effect to complete this Halloween Cheerleader Costume.

Size Available:
Large - Dress Size 16 - 18.
Medium - Dress Size 12 - 14.
Small - Dress Size 8 - 10.

Extra Small - Dress Size 4 - 6.

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