Halloween Rat

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Halloween Rat.

Scare up some Halloween fun when you decorate indoors or out with this big black and grey latex sponge rat. This Rat Halloween Decoration is a must have for any Halloween Party. Measuring 19" in lenght and 7" in width what more could you want. Stick this rat in the trick or treat bowl, on the counter or anywhere you want to stimulate screams of horror.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 1 Halloween Rat.

- 19" long by 7" wide.

Infest your Halloween decor with creepy Halloween Rats. Standing 19" long and 7" wide with yellow beady eyes and gnarly teeth, he'll repel anyone indoors or out. A perfect haunted house Halloween Prop or scary joke. Its time for trick or treat! How about some Scary Halloween Decorations for your home. Every kid has gone through this stage, going around from one neighbor to the other for treat or trick surprises. Collecting candy and enjoying the moment. For parents who would love to join in on the fun this Halloween why not add some Halloween Decorations to your home and your yard.

These Scary Halloween Props will add more spookiness in your area or just add some spice to your homes. Halloween is a time of year when all kinds of frightening creatures come out and haunt the streets. Many of those creatures are freaks and creeps put on this earth to scare the children and make Halloween the scary holiday it was meant to be. Partyworld.ie carries a variety of Spooky Halloween Decorations that bring to life these creeps and freaks.

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