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Make a statement on the Hen Night with the silliest boppers your head can handle. Our fabulous selection of warning signs, stars with fuax fur and are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.... and lets face it a Hen Party isnt a proper Hen Night without Hen Party Star Boppers.

Our Hen Party Boppers feature hot pink fur lined stars which read Hen Party, to which wobble on two antennas attached to a strong fur headband. Let everyone know where the hne party is at with one of range of Hen Party Boppers which come in black and pink. If you are going full out with your Hen Party Accessories or just looking for a minor customisation this is the perfect idea.

When out on your last night of freedom with the girls, you want everyone to know that you're on a hen party and proud of it. This is where our popular Cheap Hen Night Party Sashes come in handy. Our most popular sash is our stylish pink Hen Party Sash. They'll be no m,istaking what you are up to with this one and it is something that can be worn by the entire party.

Your Hen Night can be really transformed with some Hen Night Party Games. Our favourite Hen Night Game would have to be the Have Your Ever Drinking game. Coming with 4 shot glasses and a playing board, simply spin the wheel and whoever has committed the dirty deed that it lands on has to drink the drink. Heen Nights should be about revealing hidden truths and this is the ideal Hen Party Game.

Hens have so many options when it comes to Hen Party Ideas. They can accessorise their outfits, go in Hen Party Costumes or combine the two and become an unmissable troupe covered in glitter and feathers. Hen Party Wigs are also a great accessory for Hen Party Costumes.

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