Hen Party Willy Bingo Game


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Have some naughty fun with our Hen Party Willy Bingo Game for up to 12 individual players or more if you split into teams.
Who will be the first to get a line of willies and shout Willy Bingo!

Hen Party Willy Bingo Game Contains:
- 12 Master Cards.
- 12 Willy Bingo Playing Cards.
- 2 Sheets of 56 L-Plate Markers.

Game Instructions Sheet:
Each player/team is given 1 Willy Bingo Playing Card. The Bride to Be shuffles the 12 master cards and places them face down on the table.

She then selects a card and holds it up to everyone loudly calling out the willies name!
Each player/team must find it on their own Willy Bingo Card and place an L Plate marker to cover it.The first person to get 3 in a line shouts Willy Bingo and she must then do a suggested dare!

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