Liquid Latex 16oz Bottle


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Delve into your creative side and let your imagination fly with Halloween's most versatile product Liquid Latex. The wildest Special Effects Makeup come to life with this self drying substance that paints directly onto the skin. The choices are endless with Face Painting Ideas.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 1 Bottle of Liquid Latex.

- 16oz (.47L)

Instructions For Use:
- Apply using a stippling motion using a sponge. Build up a few layers for thickness. Gently pierce the center of the latex and peel back to give a peeling skin effect. This versatile product can be used to create old age wrinkles, warts, peeling skin etc or can be used as an adhesive for attaching artifical hair, scar skin etc.

Please Not: Liquid Latex is not suitable for children. Avoid all contact with eyes.

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