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A free spirit, a tomboy and a dab hand with the bow and arrow, Disney's Brave Princess is in no hurry to become a royal lady! All the lords in DunBroch will need to stand in line, hoping they can woo this spirited Scottish lass.

Merida Costume Contains:
- An adorable floor length blue satin dress styled with a cute character print on the bodice alongside a gorgeous frilled trim framing the neckline and a matching colour band around the sleeves.

Size Available:
Large - Age 7 - 8 Years Old.
Medium - Age 5 - 6 Years Old.
Small - Age 3 - 4 Years Old.

Everyone has their favourite Disney character and it is likely that your child has several. Recreating any of the members of the Disney cast of characters is going to be a treat, so why not let us here at Partyworld lend you a helping hand. Make believe doesn't have to be limited to Halloween Fancy Dress. Use our Disney Fancy Dress Ideas and Fancy Dress Costumes to enhance your child's play time everyday.

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