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Anywhere that your allowed to wear a Mexican Poncho and a huge Sombrero wins our vote for fun Costumes and our Mexican Costumes feature some funny Costumes with the likes of our Chilli Pepper Costume, Tequila Poppin Dude Costume and a Tequila Costume, the list is endless. If you are looking to have a Mexican Themed Party look no further then Partyworld.ie. We have a fantastic selection of Mexican Fancy Dress and accessories such as Hats. We have a Mexican Sombrero, Sombrero Hat, Mexican Hats, Fedora Hats, whats a Mexican Party without some Sombrero Hats.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 1 Mexican Sombrero.

Size Available:
- One Size.

Our Mexican Sombrero features a colourful striped straw hat which has a wide brim and a pointed crown. Also attached to the Mexican Sombrero is a blue string which helps hold the hat in place.Cinco de Mayo is a great reason to throw a Mexican Theme Party. Cinco de Mayo is traitionally celebrated to celebrate the victory of Mexico over the French in the battle of Pueble in 1862. Of course like St Patrick's Day everyone is welcome to celebrate this holiday regardless of your ethnic heritage. Most people celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Decorations, Mexican Music, Mexican food and dont forget the margaritas. We have almost everything you need except for the tequila.

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