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There's a legend around here. A killer buried but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. Jason Voorhees curse. Jason's hockey jersey has been redesigned to hug your curves and seduce your victims into submission. Not your average camp counsellor. Camp Crystal Lakes savage and scintillating co-ed heats up those Halloween nights in this sexy Miss Voorhees Costume.

Miss Voorhees Costume Contains: A Miss Voorhees hockey style black and red short dress with a low cut neckline. The dress has a central graphic of Jason's hockey mask over two crossed machete's. The shoulder and sleeves are made from black meshing with red edging and have a screen printed Jason Mask over two crossed machete's on each sleeve. A Jason Voorhees Mask foam handbag.

Size Available:

Large - Dress Size 12 - 14

Medium - Dress Size 10 - 12

Small - Dress Size 6 - 8

Extra Small - Dress Size 2 - 6.

For many years Friday The 13th Halloween Costumes consisting of the unmistakable tattered clothes, Jason Mask and a bloody machete have been a favourite among men, boys and now women too. Even without the infamous background sound effects and music. Jason Voorhees Costume is easily recognised as one of the top scariest Fancy Dress Costumes ever made. Why not pop into Partyworld's Costume Shop and explore our vast selection of Fancy Dress Costumes Ireland. Find Costumes like our Mad Hatter Costume Mad Hatter Costume.
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