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The only other heroic Kryptonian who made her way to planet earth, Kara Zor El better known as Supergirl, is the cousin of Kal El Aka better known as Superman. Supergirl has similar abilities to her cousin. Supergirl can take to the skies and also has superhuman strength. Supergirl is weakened by green kryptonite. Other than that Supergirl is one of the most powerful females in all of the DC comic books. Our Supergirl Fancy Dress Costume is an Officially Licensed Costume.

Supergirl Costume Contains:
- A Supergirl one piece mini dress which consists of a long sleeved leotard blue top which has an attached red cape that matches the loosely pleated red shirt. The top naturally includes the Supergirl emblem in red and yellow.
- A Supergirl shiny yellow belt that secures around the waist with Velcro.
- A pair of Supergirl red boot top covers.

Size Available:
Large - Dress Size 14 -16.
Medium - Dress Size 10 - 14.
Small - Dress Size 6 - 10.

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