Willy Fishing Game


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Willy Fishing Game.

Every now and then we find a game that is perfect for a Hen Party and this Willy Fishing Game is certainly one of them. This hilarious Hen Party Game comes complete with a pink rod which is in the shape of a willy, which is used to pick up one of the 9 willies and the person holding the rod does the dare. Each magnetic willy is complete with a dare. The dares include, Put your knickers on your head, Remove your bra, Fake an orgasm and these are just a few to mention.

To play this game all you have to do is place all the willies face down on the table. Unwind the reel and dangle your line over the magnetic willies. The aim is to catch a willy with the rod then gently wind it in and perform the dare. A steady hand is needed for this game.

Willy Fishing Game Contains:
- 1 38cm Willy Fishing Rod.
- 9 Magnetic Willies with dares to catch.



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