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Wilma Flintstone is the red-headed wife of Fred Flintstone and the mother of Pebbles Flintstone. Wilma Flintstone best friends are her next door neighbours Barney and Betty Rubble. Wilma Flintstone is a strong willed level-headed person in her marriage, often citizing Fred for pursuing his various ill-fated schemes. Wilma would also often be the one to bail out Fred when one of his schemes landed him in trouble. Wilma Flintstone enjoys volunteering for various charitable womens organizations. The Wilma Flintstone Costume is an Officially Licensed Costume.

Wilma Flintstone Costume Contains:

- An attractive white Wilma Flintstone dress with jagged faux velvet neckline and hemline boasting a zebra pattern and is designed to be worn over one shoulder.
- A large PVC Wilma Flintstone necklace that is worn by pulling over the head.
- A Wilma Flintstone orange wig to complete the Wilma Flintstone.

Size Available:
Medium - Dress Size 10 - 14.
Small - Dress Size 6 - 10.
Extra Small - Dress Size 2 - 6.

That Fred just wont leave poor Wilma Flintstone alone. This Halloween go back in time way back to the Stone Age with fun Flintstone Costumes. Dressed as this babe from bedrock, with a perfectly coifed Wilma Flintstone Wig, oversized "pearl" necklace and off the shoulder dress your sure to be a knockout at the rock quarry office party.

Stoneage Costumes are the most fun when worn as a group. There are several ways to make the Flintstones a special part of your Halloween. You can choose Couples Costumes such as a Fred Flintstone Costume and a Wilma Flintstone Costume or a Barney Rubble Costume and Betty Rubble Costume. They were best friends and neighbour's on TV and make the perfect Costume to wear with your own best friend.

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