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Wonder Woman is a DC comic book superhero. Wonder Woman was a member of an all female tribe of Amazons. Wonder Woman powers included super strenght, speed, stamina and flight. Wonder Woman was highly proficient in hand to hand combat.

Wonder Woman Costume Contains:

- A Wonder Woman red and blue dress. The top half of the dress is a velvet tank top style with the Wonder Woman Logo sewn on to the chest of it. Also attached is a red vinyl cape. The bottome half of the dress is the signature blue vinyl mini skirt with white stars printed on it.
- A Wonder Woman metallic gold belt.
- A pair of Wonder Woman red and white vinyl boot tops.
- A Woder Woman gold tiara headband.
- A pair of Wonder Woman silver foam wrist bands.

Size Available:
Large - Age 8 - 10 Years Old.
Medium - Age 5 - 7 Years Old.
Small - Age 3 - 4 Years Old.

This is an Officially Licensed Wonder Woman Costume.

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