About Us

Who PartyWorld is

  • The one-stop party shop that has everything you could possibly want for a great party
  • Biggest choice of party costumes & accessories in Ireland
  • Perfectly convenient
  • You buy not rent - so you own & can re-use everything
  • Order quickly, easily & have everything delivered fast to your door

What PartyWorld Does

For you we find

  • Best & most flamboyant costumes
  • Funniest decorations
  • Crazy pic & mix combinations
  • Off the wall stuff
  • Unforgettable undies

Our mission is to bring fun to everyone. We believe you have the right to express yourself. That’s why “Express Yourself” is our mantra.

Why PartyWorld Ticks

We Feel

where is wally

  1. Everyone’s entitled to fun
  2. Positive teamwork and family spirit matter
  3. Hungry for growth - personally & professionally
  4. Addicted to delighting customers
  5. Honest & humble in all our dealings
  6. You should find your inner Wally

Why PartyWorld Matters

You Get

Halloween Pumpkin

  • To feel great about yourself
  • To wow others
  • Bucket-loads of choice
  • Fun customer experience
  • Great value for money
  • Lashings of laughter
  • A spiced-up life
  • Stuff memories are made of

PartyWorld Warehouse


  • Stuff is received from around the world
  • It’s stored - carefully - with music playing - so all goodies are in good humour
  • We pack it delightfully for you - wearing special gloves
  • We courier it straight to you overnight ready for you to smile as you open it
  • Take a selfie of you having fun, post it on your Facebook Page, let us know and we’ll reward you …

Special Offers

special offers

Who's Who?

Liz PartyWorld

Liz - Fairy Godmother

David Acheson PartyWorld

David - Chief Party Officer

Sonya PartyWorld

Sonya - Magic Store Manager

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