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February can be a pretty blah month. Christmas is behind us, and we’ve a while to go before Paddy’s Day. The weather is rotten, but not as miserable as January usually is. The first of February is Imbolc, but it rarely feels like spring outside. Inside, however, can be another story. Happily, we have St. Valentine’s Day to celebrate. Whether you are single or approaching a milestone anniversary, St. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for a party. However you are planning to spend the day (and night), you might as well do it with style and really enjoy it. From preschools to pubs, St. Valentine’s Day decorations can set the stage for fun. Here are some ideas for how to have a great time this February for all ages and stages.Love Centerpiece

Children’s Craft Party: If you want to win major points from the other parents, invite their children over for an afternoon of easy, painless craft making. Fear not, you can do this without needing to take out extra homeowner’s insurance. The secret is to be prepared and keep it simple. Have a room set up with St. Valentine’s decorations. The little ones love St. Valentine’s Day balloons. Buy or make some heart-shaped biscuits and some pink smoothies to drink. (Yes, this is an ideal opportunity to sneak some healthy fruit into your children.) No paint is necessary. They can use construction paper, stickers and crayons to make cards for their parents. Whether their family has a mammy and daddy, mummy and mama, da and pop or a single parent, nothing is sweeter than a card made with love by a little Valentine! Preschools and crèches can also embrace the day, put up some Valentine’s decorations and do heart shaped crafts. It’s hard to say which the children like best – helping to decorate or arriving to find their crèche or preschool transformed with St. Valentine’s Day banners and heart decorations.

Singles’ House Party: If you love a party but don’t fancy the club and pub scene, you can stage your own festivities at home with awesome St. Valentine’s decorations. Get your guests into the spirit of things from the minute they enter with a St. Valentine decoration door curtain so they enter through hanging rows of hearts. From balloons to banners, you can find everything you need to give your home the right touch for your St. Valentine’s Day party at You can really do it right and even get lovely lanterns in red and white festooned with hearts. Red wine is an obvious choice, but don’t forget those who aren’t drinking. Cranberry juice looks the part. The right music will really set the theme. Think about whether you want to pick love songs from a particular era. If you have a St. Valentine party with a ‘50s or ‘70s theme, you can even ask people to dress for the occasion and have everyone come up with a crazy chat up line from that decade.

Party of Two: For many couples, St. Valentine’s Day is an occasion to stay in and celebrate more privately, but in a way that still recognizes that it is a special day. Just because you are at home is no excuse to overlook all those special little touches. You can light a few candles every day – why not take it a bit further and really make it clear how much you love romancing your special someone? Leave a trail of hearts to follow through the house and give notice with St. Valentine decorations in the front windows. Scatter more hearts throughout the house and add some hanging from doorways and ceilings. Cooking dinner together can be very romantic if the couple likes cooking, but couples who feel that cooking is a chore will prefer to find a nice restaurant that does take aways or deliveries. It’s all about making it special for the two of you, whatever your idea of a special night in may be. Dancing to the songs that were popular when you first met, watching a romantic film or one you saw together while dating – there’s no end to the ways you can personalize your St. Valentine’s Day.

Who doesn’t love a celebration of love? Any venue from the cozy local pub to the corner bakery can get in on the fun with some affordable Valentine’s decoration from Party World. Let your patrons enjoy St. Valentine’s confetti in the shape of little hearts. Scatter it on counters in cafes or leave it in dishes at discos for the dancers to throw. Let them really show that love is in the air! Cheerful Valentines garlands and Valentines banners will brighten up any type of business, and at this time of year, we can all appreciate that. With the weather so dreary and drab lately, any bit of color will catch the eye and make your shop, pub, café or other businesses that much more welcoming.

Best of all, when you shop at Party World, you don’t have worry about running around all over town trying to find just the right thing and making do with what’s there. You can check out the website at any time and have your purchases delivered to you no matter where in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland you are. Of course, we also deliver to the UK, but we go further afield to most of Europe. Is absence making your heart fonder of someone? If your Valentine is outside of Ireland and delivering a dozen long stemmed red roses is not in the budget, you can still send Valentines decorations and make more of a statement than just a card.

Whoever you are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day with, wherever and however you are celebrating, lovely Valentine’s decorations can you help you do it with style.

12th May 2021 BigCommerce

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