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If your looking to add some fright to your Halloween night then this is the costume for you. Straight from the cemetery to you comes one scary Zombie Costume. The dead will rise again, indeed it is a Zombie apocalypse. You provide the moves, the moans, and the groans everything else is incorporated into this graveyard designer outfit.

Complete Zombie Child Costume Contains:
- A greyish blue long sleeved tattered top which realistic sewn in decomposing body parts and rotting flesh.
- A pair of coordinating tattered trousers which has sewn in decomposing body parts.
- A pair of rotting flesh gloves.
- A hideous gruesome latex mask with attached grey scraggly wig.

Size Available:
Large - Age 12 - 14 Years Old.
Medium - Age 8 - 10 Years Old.
Small - Age 4 - 6 Years Old.

Get a gruesome scary look this Halloween with Partyworld's fantastic range of Zombie Costumes and Halloween Costumes For Kids which are all available online and in our Costume Shop. Everyone knows that Halloween is the creepiest holiday around and if you've been trying to find Halloween Costumes to match this vibe then a Zombie Bride Costume maybe the right one for you. If your looking for the creepiest look this Halloween then our Zombie Costumes are just what you need.

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