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Disguise Set.
Looking for a little low brow humor this Halloween? Then this disguise set is just what you need to top off your comical costume this Halloween.

This is the classic "schnoz" with the bushy moustache attached to a thick set of glasses with even thicker eyebrows on top, and a big nose. Go goofy with these glasses at any party! Add a cigar and play the wise cracking sharpie!

This Halloween show off your comical genius to everyone with this commical disguise set. Thanks to this phenomenal foundation of fun, the limits are endless.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 1 Disguise Set.

Customer Reviews

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Disguise set: it really works, 9th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Robert Downey

I recently bought the Groucho Marx disguise set and it really works! No one noticed me all day, it was so convincing that even friends and family didn't speak or even acknowledge me while I was wearing it! They really thought I was someone else. Its a must buy for fun loving adults.

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