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The most beloved character in cartoon history Homer Simpson. Homer Simpson has had many life long dreams. Some of them include being Monorail conductor, running out on a baseball field during a game, managing a beautiful country singer, eating the world's biggest hoagie, being a blackjack dealer, appearing on The Gong Show, owing the Dallas Cowboys, living in the woods and bowling the perfect game.

Homer Simpson Costume Contains:
- A white short sleeved top which has yellow arms.
- A pair of blue trousers.
- A Homer Simpson character plush headpiece which has Velcro closure under the chin.
- A plush faux duff can of beer.

Size Available:
Extra Large - Chest Size 42 - 46".
Standard - Chest Size 38 - 42".

Homer and his wife Marge have three children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. As the family's provider he works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer embodies several working class stereotypes he is crude, overweight, incompetent, clumsy, lazy, a heavy drinker and ignorant however he is essentially a decent man and fiercely devoted to his family. Despite the suburban blue collar routine of his life he has had a number of remarkable experiences.



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