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You'll be to cool for school when you arrive in a Danny T-Bird Jacket. Danny Zuko is the leader of the Rydell High Schools T-Birds and is one of the main protagonists of the movie Grease. Danny is seen as the popular guy in school/ He always likes his black hair gelled and is usually having his shirt tucked in his pants or shorts.

He usually fails at sports but he excels in cars and mechanics. He is kind towards Sandy but towards the rest of the school he shows the typical stereotype school jock. He falls in love with Sandy, but when they get back to school, she doesn't fit in with his reputation as the schools bad boy. In Grease he is way to cool to admit any type of feelings for Sandy.

T-Birds Jacket:
- A T-Birds faux leather jacket which zips in the front and features a large white T- Birds logo on the back. Why not add our Greaser Wig for the complete finishing touch.

Size Available:
Medium to Large
- Chest size 40 - 42"

Our fantastic range of Pink Ladies Jackets will ensure that you are dressed to impress. While the Pink Ladies Costumes worn by each of the four Pink Ladies in the movie Grease was definitely not a sign the girls where made of sugar and spice and everything nice. The Pink Lady Jackets are widely popular all year round. To be one of the Greaser Girls you will need some Grease Costumes.



Not only are the Pink Ladies and T-Birds legends of the silver screen they also look a million dollars. The Pink Lady Jackets From Grease or the Sandy From Grease Costume are hugely popular for Halloween. If you are looking for a Costume that shouts look at me and crave being the centre of attention then the Grease Fancy Dress Costumes will do just that.

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