Vampire Bites


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Vampire Bites.
A bite like this is sure to leave you feeling drained. Our Vampire Bites Features a single pre-coloured latex piece depicting 2 Vampire Bite marks and surrounding tissue area. The Vampire Bite pack comes complete with a tube of liquid latex application adhesive.

This is a great value latex prosthetic which includes detailed step by step instructions on the back of the package. A degree of additional makeup will be required to generate the best and most realistic effect.

It is always recommended that you test some liquid latex on the back of your wrist and remove after 30 minutes. Just incase of an allergic reaction.
- 1 Place the appliance where you want it and trim if necessary for a better fit.
- 2 Paint a thin amount of liquid latex to the back of the appliance especially to the outer edges.
- 4 Allow liquid latex to set until it becomes clear and tacky.
- 5 Press appliance onto skin and hold until stable. For a more realistic look use some makeup and fake blood.

Quantity Per Pack:
- 1 Vampire Bites.
- 1 Bottle Of Liquid Latex.

Warning: This product contains natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reaction in latex sensitive individuals. Do not apply appliances over facial hair.

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