Halloween Costumes for Women


With such a huge range of Halloween costumes for women out there, it is always hard to pick one. But it’s nearly party time, so that selection of fancy dress costumes and Halloween decorations is going to be shrinking a bit every day. It’s time to make decisions, but before you can pick the perfect fancy dress, you need to narrow it down a bit. For starters, are you planning to coordinate your Halloween costume with a few of your mates or a date or are you picking something that is spectacular on its own? Do you want a spooky, scary Halloween costume, something a bit sexy or something sweet or maybe silly? Many fancy dress costumes cover more than one base – for example, there are a lot of very sexy, very scare vampires out there. But it does help you consider the best Halloween costume ideas for women if you focus on a category.

Scary Halloween Costumes

Zombies are always popular, and sure we’ve all known a few zombies at school, but none quite like the gruesome zombie school girl costume from With her blood-splattered shirt and torn jacket, she’d better hope she doesn’t encounter any teachers when she’s out partying. The zombie nurse costume is another fright delight ready to look for blood donors, and it’s one of those costumes Ireland’s party goer will love to talk about. Just be careful because you’ll cause mayhem if you land in the A&E wearing this one! You can’t go wrong with a traditional favorite such as witch, ghost, or vampire, and at, you’ll find lots of variations on those ever popular Halloween costume ideas for women. Of course, if you’re a mummy year ‘round, you can stick with that idea for Halloween too with a scary mummy costume! Perhaps one of the most frightening of all the scary Halloween costumes stocks is the asylum nurse. This one will have you looking ready to star in your own horror flick.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Plenty of Halloween costumes for women combine scary with sexy. Vampires are the perfect example of this. With the right womens halloween costumes, you’ll have the lads begging to donate blood. Skeletons can be scary... but they don’t have to be. Take a sweeter, sexier approach to this classic Halloween costume idea with a fun and funky costume with brightly coloured bones. For more sexy Halloween costume ideas for women without the ghoulish gore, think about different eras such as the old west. This burlesque costume captures the saucy fun of an old west saloon. The roaring ‘20s were all about glamour and parties, and you can capture that spirit with a flapper costume or even a retro bootlegging gangster girl look. A sizzling ‘70s look is loads of fun, and a flirty butterfly can flit through any era and turn heads. And of course stocks French maid costumes too! Masquerade masks have an enticing appeal, and make for an elegant and sexy Halloween costumes for women. From simple and striking to silly to stunning,’s selection of masquerade masks is only massive, whether you are going for a bandit look or something regal and Renaissance.

Sweet Halloween Costumes

Sometimes the way to stand out on Halloween is to go for fancy dress costumes that are more whimsical and not so scary. also stocks costumes as sweet as the candy the little ones are all excited about. What’s more cute and cuddly than a panda? You in a panda costume! also stocks tiger and giraffe Halloween costumes for women. How about these sweet Halloween costume ideas for women? Cheerful cheerleaders, clowns and cowgirls are also popular fancy dress costumes. A grown up twist on Alice is a sweet and sexy Halloween costume that will make any party feel like Wonderland.

Silly Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for silly Halloween costume ideas for women to get a laugh, why not go bananas with a fabulous fruit costume? Sometimes being a Muppet is a good thing, especially if you want a silly fancy dress costume that will be a hit with all ages. Sure a sexy costume will turn the lads’ heads… but so will a person-sized bottle of beer. People are always asking where the beer is at a party, so what better way to use your costume as an icebreaker! Halloween costumes for women don’t have to be gruesome and gory if that isn’t your thing, and you can find plenty of funny options you would be comfortable wearing in front of your children or your granny…even if Halloween is the one night of the year you can get away with almost anything. Check the site for your favourite classic cartoon characters too. stocks a huge range of Halloween costumes for women and fancy dress costumes so there really is something for everyone. You can be a superhero or a villain, a sexy sailor girl or a powerful pirate. Or maybe you feel like a medieval maiden or a courtly queen. What about Halloween costume ideas for women who are expecting more than a plastic pumpkin full of sweets? even stocks maternity wear costumes for mums to be.

Accessories are what pulls any look together, and women’s Halloween costumes are no exception. Don’t go batty searching the local shops; just check out’s selection of creepy and creative spiders, pitchforks, wigs, bloody bits and more. There is no end to the gruesome fun you can have accessorizing this Halloween. You can even find Halloween decorations at makes it fun and easy to shop for Halloween costumes Ireland. You can click through a nearly endless selection to find one that is just right for you, and you never have to leave home to do it. will even ship your fancy dress costumes to you. If you are worried about it arriving in time, you can choose the next day delivery shipping option. And shoppers in or near Tramore can come to the Party World store in the Riverstown Business Park to see the Halloween costumes for women and other fancy dress wear in person. And don’t forget the Halloween decorations.

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