Halloween How To: Fun Halloween Games for any Event

Halloween How To: Fun Halloween Games for any Event

Halloween is the time of year for both kids and adults to loosen up and then to dress up! While looking fabulous is always the main concern for most people during Halloween, its even more important to have fun! Why not kick off your Halloween season with some of these fun Halloween games that you play at any Halloween Themed event.

1. Bobbing for Apples

Nothing is better than starting off a Halloween party with a classic Halloween game. To change it up this year, or dare I say 'Spice' it up this year why not add some extra ingredients into the water bucket to make it more daunting for your guests. Simply add some Red food colouring and apple cider to change the water into a pool of blood that will terrify your guests. You can also add plastic spiders into the bucket for decorations to try make your guests avoid the creepy crawlers that are resting in the bucket.

2. Monster Freeze Dance

Get your guests into a dancing mood by playing some of their favourite songs or play some Halloween themed songs to really get into the zone. When the music stops, the guests must freeze but they must make a terrifying pose. Those who are too slow, or forget to pose are eliminated from the game. This is a fun game to keep everyone at the event active and grooving.

3. Witches Hat Ring Toss

A simple but fun game for your guests to place. Simply place a Witches Hat at some distance and give your guests a set of rings to toss onto the top of the hat. The hat with the most rings placed on it is the winner of the game! For an added bonus you can also use a set of glow sticks that are connected to have your guests play in the dark and create an added ambiance to the whole game!

4. Pumpkin Carving Contest

While this contest may be time consuming, you can make it even more exciting and challenging for your guests by having a strict time limit. By giving your guests a limit of fifteen to thirty minutes to decorate their pumpkin this will get them to become creative in their designs without over-analysing their designs.If you are looking for some tools to give to your guests, why not check out our Pumpkin Carving Kits

Winning Prizes

If your guests are more focused on winning prizes rather than being competitive amongst yourselves than you can offer them various different prizes depending on the age group you are catering to. If you have Adult guests you can offer them a free Cocktail drink that can be Halloween Inspired while for the younger audience/those who do not drink alcohol you can offer them a bag of treats that you have made up earlier in the day!

Remember Halloween is a time for having fun and to dress up with your friends and family, most importantly be safe this Halloween. If you are looking at ways to be safe this Halloween check out our guide on how to be safe during the Halloween season.

13th Jun 2024 PartyWorld

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