Top 6 Marvel Costumes of 2023

Looking to dress like your favourite Superheros this Halloween? Luckily for you we've the latest and greatest when it comes to Superhero costumes. Today we are going to look at 6 of our Top Marvel Costume that you should definitely check out this Halloween!

1. Captain America

 Captain America Deluxe CostumeMarvel Captain America Childs Costume

Become one of the greatest Superheroes that has ever exisisted and the leader of the Avengers! This costume is perfect for those brave enough to face Thanos. This costume comes with a jumpsuit that includes shoe covers and a Captain America styled head mask, making it the perfect costume for those wishing to save the world during Halloween!

2. Spiderman

     Kids Spiderman No Way Home CostumeKids Iron Spiderman Deluxe CostumeKids Red Spiderman Costume

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is a fan favourite amongst everyone. And while he is seen in various movies in different types of costumes he is most iconic in his classic Red Jumpsuit. Luckily, if you are more of a fan of him in his different costumes, we have various different types of his costume such as his jet black suit with gold details and a gold spider which is seen in No Way Home. This suit includes a boot cover in the jumpsuit and a mask which completes the Spiderman costume look. If you are looking for the classic Red Spiderman suit we have plenty of versions and sizes of this costume too! Make sure to check out all of our different types of costumes to make sure you find the one your child will be most happy with this Halloween.

3. The Incredible Hulk 

                                                     Boys Avengers Hulk Costume

The Incredible Hulk is a fantastic character for your child to show off their strength and size this Halloween.The Hulk's strength remains at the top of all Human's on Earth and this costume will make you Hulk-Out at this years Halloween Party. With this costume, it's jumpsuit includes a boot cover and mask which will make you transform into the Incredible Hulk this year.

4. Black Widow

                                                  Kids Black Widow Costume

Fight off evil in this Amazing Black Widow costume. As the leading Female Superhero in the Marvel Universe this costume will let your young Hero become the main character she wants to be! This costume also comes equipped with a Black Widow belt which will complete the look of her Avenegers suit.

5. Black Panther 

  Boys Avengers Black Panther CostumeKids Deluxe Black Panther Costume

Get ready to jump into the world of Wakanda and scare your enemies into knowing that your child will go to extraordinary lengths into protecting those they love. We have different types of Black Panther costumes available and in all sizes to make sure that the costume you want is available for you to get this Halloween. Both masks are equipped with the Iconic Black Panther mask!   

6. Iron Man

   Boys Avengers Iron Man CostumeAvengers Iron Man Costume

It wouldn't be a top Marvel costumes without including the one and only Iron Man. While everyone loves the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, he wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for legendary Tony Stark. If your child is looking to be dressed in the iconic red suit this Halloween then you must check out our Iron Man Costumes that we have available for all sizes. This is definitely a costume your child should not miss out on if they are not only a fan of the Avengers but of Iron Man himself. Both costumes come with a mask and boot covers to fully complete the Iron Man look.

As you can see in this blog post, we currently have all of the fan favourites when it comes to Marvel Costumes. We also have a selection of other Marvel characters including some Villians! You can find those costumes here Make sure to check them out this Halloween before its too late! 

20th Sep 2023 PartyWorld

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